New 8040 Metal Bond Adhesives



Adhesively Bonded Fasteners

The Weld Mount System is a unique line of fasteners designed to be adhesively bonded to almost any surface, elimintating the need for drilling, tapping or welding.

Why Should You Use Weld Mount System?

Weld Mount Advantages for Composite Construction:

  • Eliminate drilling into composites exposing the core to moisture.
  • Eliminate the need to use blocking to mount components saving weight & labor costs.
  • Eliminate inadvertent drilling damage which causes expensive repair and delay.
  • Can be mounted in difficult locations where tools and/or people have poor access.
  • Neat and clean installation ideal for last minute changes and additions.

Weld Mount Provides Significant Advantages Over Welding:

  • Eliminate procedure preparation, review and approval delays.
  • Weld Mount can be installed with less expensive labor.
  • Eliminate safety review and fire watch requirements.
  • Eliminate noxious fumes and gas ventilation issues associated with hot work.
  • Eliminate warpage and discoloration and the cost of subsequent grinding and polishing.

Weld Mount Provides Significant Cost Benefits Over Drilling & Tapping:

  • Eliminate rigging magnetic drilling equipment in difficult vertical or overhead locations.
  • Drilling and tapping thick metal substrates is labor intensive and slow.
  • Drilling and tapping thin substrates leads to leak paths and threads fail over time.
  • Weld Mount reduces tool and consumable costs.