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Stainless Studs

We offer wire tie mounts, hose and cable clamps, studs, standoffs, and floating nutplates. All of our fasteners are mounted with our unique non-sag acrylic adhesives which hold the parts in place on a vertical or overhead surface providing a permanent high strength bond.

We now offer a full line of Type 316 Stainless Metric Studs. Please call for price and availability.

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  • Stainless Steel Studs

    HS200 Stainless Steel Studs
    (3/8" x 16 & 5/16" x 18 Threads)

    Our HS200 stud is designed for heavy load applications such as mounting filters and panels. The stud is inertial (friction) welded to a 2" base plate creating a very strong part. We offer two sizes. The stud is manufactured of 304 stainless steel. Tensile strength is approximately 1,200 lbs and shear strength is 1,500 Lbs.

    HS200-3816-12SS – (3/8” x 16 thread .75” tall)
    HS200-3816-24SS (3/8" x 16 thread 1.5" tall)
    HS200-3816-32SS (3/8" x 16 thread 2" tall)
    HS200-51618-24SS (5/16" x 18 thread 1.5" tall)

  • Stainless Steel Studs

    Stainless Studs
    (1/4 - 20 Thread)

    Our stainless steel stud mounts to virtually any surface using our acrylic adhesive. This Is a structural part with 500 lbs of tensile strength and 650 lbs in shear. All studs have 1/4 x 20 threads. Use for hanging panels, through deck mounts and many other uses.

    ST125-1420-8SS – 0.50" tall
    ST125-1420-12SS – 0.75" tall
    ST125-1420-16SS – 1.00" tall
    ST125-1420-20SS – 1.25" tall
    ST125-1420-24SS – 1.50" tall
    ST125-1420-28SS – 1.75" tall
    ST125-1420-32SS – 2.00" tall
    ST-125-1420-36SS – 2.25” tall
    ST125-1420-40SS – 2.50" tall

  • Small Stainless Steel Studs

    Stainless Studs
    (#10-24 thread)

    Just like the studs above but with a smaller threaded stud inserted into the base. these studs are ideal for mounting wire clamps and securing items which require a smaller stud diameter. These studs can be bonded from either surface of the base plate.

    ST125-1024-8SS – 0.50" tall
    ST125-1024-12SS – 0.75" tall
    ST125-1024-16SS – 1.00" tall
    ST125-1024-20SS – 1.25" tall
    ST125-1024-24SS – 1.50" tall
    ST125-1024-28SS – 1.75" tall
    ST125-1024-32SS – 2.00" tall
    ST125-1024-36SS – 2.25" tall
    ST125-1024-40SS – 2.50" tall

  • Medium Stainless Steel Studs

    Stainless Studs
    (#8-32 thread)

    These small panel studs have a wide range of uses. Originally they were used for mounting on the backside of dash panels or for mounting to the console. Now they are used for securing a wide range of wire clamps and other small components to composite surfaces. The base plate is 0.62" in diameter with a .75" or 1.5" tall stud. Tensile strength is 300 lbs and shear strength is 375 lbs.

    PS62-832-8SS – 0.50" tall
    PS62-832-12SS – 0.75" tall
    PS62-832-16SS – 1.00" tall
    PS62-832-20SS – 1.25" tall
    PS62-832-24SS – 1.50" tall

  • Covers for Stainless Steel Studs

    Stud Covers

    For applications, such as engine rooms, where our stainless steel studs may be visible we can provide press on white nylon caps to improve the appearance of the installation. The caps are "Matterhorn White". Install the caps before bonding up the studs. The caps are available for 1/4" x 20 and #10 x 24 studs.

    SC1024—1.25" diameter White Nylon cap for #10 x 20 stud
    SC1420—1.25" diameter White Nylon cap for 1/4" x 20 stud

  • Small Stainless Steel Studs

    IW-1024 Insulation Washer

    Weld Mount now offers a 3” polypropylene insulation washer for use with our ST125-1024 stainless steel studs. Chose a stud ¼” longer than blanket thickness and secure in place with a nyloc nut.

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