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About Us

In many applications Weld Mount adhesively bonded fasteners have replaced both mechanical fasteners and assembly techniques such as soldering and welding, drilling and tapping.

The advantages of structural adhesive bonding over other joining techniques include:

  • Cost savings, including lower labor costs.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Elimination of stress point concentrations by even distribution of stress over the entire bonded surface, plus improved load bearing capacity.
  • Often the adhesive acts as an insulator when bonding dissimilar metals eliminating galvanic corrosion.
  • Improved fatigue resistance, and resistance to shock, vibration, and thermal cycling over mechanical or welded assemblies.
  • Enhanced structural appearance because protrusions, punctures, and attachments are eliminated. Often visual fasteners can be eliminated by adhesively bonded fasteners.

Our History

Weldmount Conference RoomThe Weld Mount System has seen the need for a reliable, quick setting, and strong adhesive fastener system. Since 2004 Weld Mount Systems has developed and successfully supplies its adhesive fastening system to OEMs and distributors across the USA and in Europe.

In 2016 Weld Mount Systems was acquired by Royal Adhesive and Sealants, LLC. As a 660 million dollar company Royal Adhesives and Sealants will significantly expand the business and products offered

We continue to develop innovative Weld Mount products to provide cost savings and improved product quality to OEM, construction and maintenance organizations.

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